Portals of Destiny

Such a Lovely Day...
Pre game Story Hints

You wake up. Your bed (or what you use for a bed) is bathed in the new day sun. You feel restless, adventurous, you have a deep need to get out and seek what the day has brought. What will it be? Will you go try out that new spell you’ve been working on? Will you go track that ferocious beast that’s been causing troubles for the near village? Or will you go test your mettle against the Kings knights? Grabbing your gear and some supplies, you head to seek the task at hand. Along your path to your destination, you come across a dark cave. You hear faint whispers in your ear, in a language you never heard of before, whispering in a tone that sounds like an invitation. Letting your curiosity to get the better of you, you allow yourself to be drawn in by the voice. Weapon drawn or spell ready, you make your way down the tunnel, into utter darkness. Staggering to find footing, you try to escape the darkness, hoping to get back to the entrance. But it is to no avail. Then, so sudden it causes you alarm, you witness a a bright flash of light. On the ground ahead of you, you see a small round object, emitting a whitish blue light. As you near it, you see it is a ring. As you reach for it, you feel raw, arcane power reaching for you, and as your fingers grasp it…you fall into darkness.

To be continued…


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