Portals of Destiny

Down the hole

Finally meeting ‘The Turned One’ The party learns that the Fyde, the nightmarish realm that comes and goes at random, is really the realm of souls. They are then sent to investigate the dark lands to see if the cause of the Fyde merging with the land of the living is indeed caused by the Black Dragon. Bringing them to his armoury, he repaired Walter, making him better (he had the technology), and gave them each an item.
Taking a carriage (the same one they got from Rothes), they made their way across Nyfteen, stopping at the town of Rikdom for supplies, and met some interesting characters (and made some interesting deals) and one sad and desperate farmer. Then on their way to the dark lands, the ground caves in underneath them. Carriage and all plummet hundreds of feet down, crashing in a dark cavern. All safe and accounted for, they make their way towards a tunnel with some light, only to find that the rat things that they have been encountering are down there as well. And have slaves. Taking a hint from a slave, they cautiously make their way down a tunnel, to encounter some rat things digging with a crude drill device. After dispatching the rat/drill team, they make their way up a tunnel the creatures dug and freed a slave, who is a steam inventor, who won’t leave without his sword. He tells them that there is three rat things in charge, Ikett, the leader, his subordinate Hissk, and Skolrid, a nasty warrior. The session ends after an encounter with three rat ogre things.

Out of the dark room and into the scary cave...

Each individual of the group finds themselves in a dark area. They can not see anything, if they scream they hear not even their own voice. Upon blindly searching the dark room, they discover a ring. Eilonna, the Gnomish bard, instantly put the ring on, and was instantly transported to a rocky walled domed room. The other characters however, Sealamin the High Elf Rogue, and Elohir, the Wild Elf Ranger, had difficulties, as they were violently thrown into the same room. Upon introductions and making sure no one was hurt (or rather, making sure no one was dead), they search their new surroundings, they discover the remains of what appears to be a zombified person in wizard vestments, with a strange spiral pattern into his skull, clutching a waxen scroll. Upon digging out the zombie, they find a bell in its pocket and that it was buried on top of crystals in a spiral form. Reading the scroll, they discover that they are to put blood on specific crystals, releasing the soul of a jittery scruffy haired young man. This jittery soul, explains that he was sent to await the arrival of warriors from a prophecy from his master. He highly doubts that these three are them, but he will help them if they can find a body for him to inhabit, using a bell that he transferred his soul into. Searching the caverns that connect to the domed room, they come to a room full of the body guards of the jittery young man, and various primitive ork like bodies. Searching through the bodies are three looters, who attack the trio, using odd weaponry. After this battle, which almost resulted into Sealamin being assimilated by a strange blob like creature released by one of the looters, and which actually resulted in Elohir being near mutilated during this battle (while Eilonna casted spells from hiding). What’s in store for the trio? We won’t know until then, but I have a feeling fun things are in store for them.

Such a Lovely Day...
Pre game Story Hints

You wake up. Your bed (or what you use for a bed) is bathed in the new day sun. You feel restless, adventurous, you have a deep need to get out and seek what the day has brought. What will it be? Will you go try out that new spell you’ve been working on? Will you go track that ferocious beast thats been causing troubles for the near village? Or will you go test your mettle against the Kings knights? Grabbing your gear and some supplies, you head to seek the task at hand. Along your path to your destination, you come across a dark cave. You hear faint whispers in your ear, in a language you never heard of before, whispering in a tone that sounds like an invitation. Letting your curiosity to get the better of you, you allow yourself to be drawn in by the voice. Weapon drawn or spell ready, you make your way down the tunnel, into utter darkness. Staggering to find footing, you try to escape the darkness, hoping to get back to the entrance. But it is to no avail. Then, so sudden it causes you alarm, you witness a a bright flash of light. On the ground ahead of you, you see a small round object, emitting a whitish blue light. As you near it, you see it is a ring. As you reach for it, you feel raw, arcane power reaching for you, and as your fingers grasp it…you fall into darkness.

To be continued on Dec. 10th…


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