A twisted creature with mysterious intentions


Rothss is a strange creature indeed. What was once possibly a man is now a pale creature that is flesh meshed with metal: The form of a man’s torso held up by two spines atop four spider like limbs that hold him up, and a metal turning arm replaces his left appendage. Not much is known about Rothss, only that he is a creature of mass intellect, and a creator of strange and wondrous things, and many secrets with in his body.

The party first encountered Rothss when Eilonna’s condition gained from touching the mushroom she touched from the Chronos Caverns started ripping her arm apart. Ulthion sent the party to see Rothss, as he was the only one with the knowledge to cure such things. Upon entering Rothss lair and introductions were made, the party had to barter Rothss services, and an arm was given to Eilonna. During this encounter, the party discovered several things about their host: He is an Alchemist, an engineer, a diviner, and a keeper of many strange books.
Him, along with his creepy, child-like automatons, are monstrous creatures of mystery.



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