Apprentice to the Prophet of the Spiral Path


Ulthion was, at one point in his life, a human orphan who was taken in by the Prophet of the Spiral Path. 20 years later he was sent to the Chronos Caverns to await ones mentioned in a prophecy. Ulthion thought he had a everlasting de-aging spell placed on him for him to survive the effects of the Caverns, and he and 3o mercenary’s were sent to await the caverns. What Ulthion didn’t know is that the spell placed on him would preserve his soul, which he found out when he was dying. Using the tools and the knowledge he had gain in the years serving his master, he created a soul trap with some magical crystal stones, setting his preserved soul into a bell that he had since he was born. Ulthion died on those stones, and countless years later, his soul was reawakened by Eilonna, Elohir, and Sealamin. Despite being fearful of Eilonna because she is a Gnome, he explained that they would have to find a vessel for his spirit to be in until they get to his masters temple. Elohir decided to put him in an Orks body. Angry because orks are to be executed on sight in Nyfteen, Ulthion found his gear, carrying a amulet that disguises his body as an Elf. Currently Ulthion is on his way to his master’s temple while the party is on the way to heal Eilonna’s arm and save her life.



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